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21/08/2013 07:41

What is agile testing?

I've had this conversation many times, as have others. On almost every occasion where I have met so-called agile testers (e.g. Agile Testing Days, GATE,…) the question came up “What is agile testing?” For quite some time I have been fiddling around with it on my own and have always...


17/08/2013 21:40

"What do you do?"

James Marcus Bach just recently challenged me by asking “What do you do?“ He recommended that I think about my answer before giving it. The question was in the context of conversation with a group of people (all context-driven testers) where I wanted to know what the group should do to reach its...


03/07/2013 00:00

How to break off your client's meeting

Some time ago I was at a client to facilitate an estimation meeting of a brand new Scrum team. At some point I broke it off and we didn't estimate at all. Instead we tried something completely different. When I told a friend about that he said "[This was] testing the readiness of a project to...


27/05/2013 00:00

Blogs for the community

At Let's Test in Sweden I finally met Pradeep Soundararajan. In a break which I took from the sessions I had the chance to chat with him and while talking I remarked at some point that I sometimes don't know what is useful for others to blog about. Pradeep raised his Eyebrows and said "This is...


27/05/2013 00:00

Active Observers

Just a short while ago, I realized what the role of an Active Observer means. I have never officially heard about a role like this and our team stumbled over it more by accident than on purpose. In this blog post I will write about what I learned on observation, Active Observers, communication...


04/05/2013 00:00

My experiences with PSL in April 2013

On April 19th, 2013 I finally arrived at PSL with Jerry Weinberg, Johanna Rothman and Esther Derby. I think I have learned a lot and I am sure I didn’t digest the whole of it yet. Nevertheless I won’t keep you waiting for an appetizer. Five and a half days of Problem Solving Leadership class in...


12/01/2013 00:00

Raise the bar

Last week I had a conversation on T-shaped people with a client. Since the Agile Testing Days 2012 I wanted to write a blog entry on the topic and he filled some more gaps in my head. So now the time has come. Whenever I heard about x-functional teams, I was told that it's best to have T-shaped...


01/01/2013 00:00

Resumé 2012

Since a couple of years I write a resumé on my life at the end of the year. This year I hesitated but waiting for midnight seems to yield some time for a last blog entry this year. Why I hesitated? I consider the year for my personal life as the worst I ever had. It was riddled with losses, bad...


30/12/2012 00:00


In my last post I wrote about missing feedback if you install a bug-fixing team. Recently I encountered another form of missing and late feedback: One of my customers was introducing Scrum a couple of months ago in several teams. One team and later two of the teams were working on a self-made...


09/12/2012 00:00

Zero-bug-policy - Myth, goal or state of the art

Working as a trainer in Scrum- and Kanban-workshops and -trainings, I am often confronted with the question on how to handle bugs. Bugs are mentioned neither in descriptions of planning meetings nor replenishment meetings. Many participants of our trainings come up with two or three ideas how to...