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15/02/2016 16:49

Resources? Not necessary!

This morning I received a message saying some "resources" were not available. That was actually about some people not being in the office today and I wanted to ask for a better wording next time.  The discussion about "resources" vs. "overhead" is popping up every now and then on twitter and...


30/01/2016 19:54

Tweaking automated checks - part four

Useful error messages   Have you come across a check that fails with the message "expected true but was false"? Did you know what was wrong without having to investigate the check first and then the code? I have seen many of those checks and find that they usually cost me a lot of time...


29/01/2016 19:26

Tweaking automated checks - part three

Generating random data   The next part of my tweaks to writing checks is drawn from a talk at the XPdays Germany 2010 by Nicole Rauch and Marc Philipps. I'm pretty bad at coming up with random data. And I don't like doing it. It also mostly clutters my code a lot when I really want to...


28/01/2016 20:48

Tweaking automated checks - part two

Significance   A second thing that I am keeping an eye on while writing my checks is significance of anything I use in the checks. To explain why, I'll give you an example that isn't related to code but shows my take on significance:   A couple of days back our team had a...


27/01/2016 18:55

Tweaking automated checks - part one

Originally this was to be a post about unit tests. Therefore I was hesitant to write this blog post. The testers that might read my blog probably won't need the knowledge as they usually don't write unit tests, the programmers who might read my blog probably know this already and have given the...


20/01/2016 20:27

Exploratory testing while writing code

How often have I heard that test automation is not real testing? There are endless conversations on Twitter & co about that. There are passionate testers that get offended by people using inconsistent terms and I spend a lot of thought about that, too, as I don't want to be sloppy (sometimes...


13/01/2016 19:45

A new language, a reused test approach

The product that our team develops doesn't have much of a GUI, so testing it involves a lot of coding, for example against the API of our webservice. I have done such testing before, shortly, and had figured out an approach to writing the test code that I intended to reuse.    First...


19/04/2015 14:13

I had a bit of fun

Recently I tested a new app in progress that was far from done and one of the developers gave it to me in a very early stage. I enjoyed that testing so much and was so surprised about the amount of the outcome compared to how few functionailty there was that I thought it might inspire other...


19/11/2014 18:50

More than a year

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog, about personal stuff, personal problems and personal relashionships. If you're looking only for professional stuff, you're wrong here ;o) Wow, it has been a while... More than a year since I wrote my last blog entry. I could fill almost a book about all what...


02/11/2013 07:07

Ask your customers!

This is a little story about how missing customer feedback can take all value from something that seems extemely valuable at first sight. It is a story about how to provide no value at all with a present that should have excitied your customer. Just recently I started at Magine in Stockholm. It's a...