It's a long way to German Agile Testing

05/12/2012 00:00

When I first read of Agile Testing, I was working on the last chapters of the translation of Personal Kanban to German. As I enjoyed working on the translation and my heart beats for testing since watching a certain  video of Elisabeth Hendrickson, I wanted to translate Agile Testing as well. Finally, when the work on Personal Kanban ended, I dared to introduce myself to Lisa and asked her if I could translate her book to German as it wasn't done yet. She reacted very nicely, copied Janet and her editor in the email and I felt like heaven :o).

Later on I attached the missing link to my German editor as well, for the publishers to work out a contract for the German translation rights. Since then I'm hoping that everything will go well and that I will have the possibility to bring this awesome book to the German population. Unfortunately, the book is very big with almost 600 pages and the thicker the book, the more expensive it gets to actually translate it. So my publisher is not yet sure that the book will sell as well as it needs to pay off.

I really like to bring this book also to people in Germany who don't understand enough English to read it in the original language. I think I will need some support, though. Who will buy the book? Are there supporters who can and will help with the finances? Is there another way I didn't see yet?

Help wanted



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